At Ganci Blacksmith & Steel Design our products are custom made and artisanally finished.  Our designs are created using the latest technology and for the purpose, once installed, to compliment your space so that our product not only functions efficiently but is timeless in appearance.

Among the many applications that can be used to enhance your home or commercial space, wrought iron is one of the most stylish elements in exterior and interior design. It is:

  • An Eco-friendly product;

  • A product that can withstand outdoor conditions;

  • Extremely durable, it cannot be easily damaged;

  • Long lasting;

  • An element that can adapt to the latest trends or remain traditional; and

  • Incorporated in different decorating styles including but not limited to classical, industrial and contemporary.

In our workshop we create wrought iron railings and balustrades of different types.  At Ganci Blacksmith & Steel Design we have our own range but we also specialise in custom made railings and balustrades according to our Client’s brief or building specification.

Whilst our internal railings will provide your home or commercial space with timeless elegance and functionality, the external fencing/railing/balustrade of your space will provide your space in terms of design, security and safety.

Gates are points of entry and exiting a home.  All our gates are both functional and beautiful.  They provide safety and add value to your property.  According to our Client’s brief, our gates can be either the feature of your home or can blend in without compromising on the style of your home.     

Our gates will provide:

  • Security to your property;

  • Durability, be long lasting and it cannot be easily damaged;

  • A product that can withstand outdoor conditions;

  • Once installed, they will be low in maintenance costs; and

  • An investment long term both aesthetically and for resale value.

Our steel windows and doors will provide protection against the environment and security for your home. Similar to our handrails and balustrades, we also have our own Steel Windows and Doors range for our Client to select or we can also make them custom made.

Our Steel Windows and Doors are:

  • Durable;

  • Energy efficient;

  • Products that will provide the solution to any new build or renovation project whether it is residential or commercial;

  • Products that will sustain weather conditions in that the framed doors and windows will not contract or expand;

  • Low in maintenance costs; and

  • An investment long term both aesthetically and for resale value.

Our  Materials            

Our products are created from either of the following materials:

  • Galvanised extrusion profiles;

  • Solid profiles; or

  • Custom made steel profiles.



To protect the product selected we are able to do any of the following processes:


  • Galvanised profiles;

  • Hot deep galvanising process;

  • Zinc Spray, cold galvanising corrosion protection; and

  • Thermal metal spraying in the following finishes – zinc, aluminium, brass, copper.

Our Final Product 

The stages of developing the products we providefrom concept to reality is a combination of the design, the selection of the material to be used and the process to create the finished product.For this reason all our products from our ranges, including the custom made products, are unique and individual created with long term durability.